How do I sell NFTs using Dropspot?

Learn who can sell NFT's and how NFT's can be sold using Dropspot's simple and user-friendly interface.

Selling an NFT using Dropspot is simple. Anyone who owns an NFT can list it for sale, whether that’s the Creator of the NFT or the Collector who most recently purchased it. Currently, Creators and Collectors can list NFT's at a fixed price, with auctions and offers to be released soon.

How do I list an NFT for sale?

Selling NFT's isn’t just for Creators. Collectors who have purchased NFT's can also sell an NFT. Basically, whoever owns an NFT can sell it on Dropspot.

In Dropspot, you have the ability to list a single NFT or access bulk listings to list up to 10 NFT's for sale. Follow the steps outlined below:

Navigate to your 'Collected' tab in your 'Profile' and here you will find all the NFT's you own in your wallet.

Click 'List for Sale' to sell your item or alternatively add multiple NFT's to perform a bulk listing of up to 10 NFT's, by clicking on 'Add to Listing'.

Enter a sale price of your choice for each NFT. Please note, a service fee of 2% will apply in addition to any royalty fees set by the creator.

Click 'List for Sale', sign the transaction, and your NFT's will be available for purchase on the Dropspot platform instantly.

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