How do I create a collection?

Learn how to create a collection on Dropspot.

What is a Collection?

A collection on Dropspot is defined as a well-planned project consisting of a series of pieces (i.e. images, artwork, videos etc.) that a creator puts together for the intention to make them available for sale. Basically, a collection is minted and stored on the blockchain, creating a storefront of similar items.

For creators, a collection should simply tell a story. By creating an inherent dialogue between the pieces, a creator can bring the entire narrative together, informing the potential collector of a story.

How do I create a Collection?

Before you can begin your NFT collection creation, ensure you have the following:

  1. Cryptocurrency wallet to connect to Dropspot

  2. Digital currency, Ada, to make transactions

  3. Verified Dropspot Creator account

With your wallet connected and your account verified, you are all set.

Now you can get started on your NFT collection.

To set up your collection, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Create a Collection

Click on the Creator Launchpad icon.

If you don't have a Creator account, you will be prompted to onboard using your invite. Alternatively, submit a request to become a verified Creator with us.

Creators without any collections will be automatically navigated to the Create Collection process. Creators with one or more collections will be navigated to their Collections page. Click on the '+' icon to initiate the Create Collection process.

Begin with entering basic information about your collection.

Step 2: Describe your Collection

Describe your collection by categorising you collection and providing a feature description.

Step 3: Brand your Collection

Brand your collection by uploading a Cover Photo that will form the avatar for your collection and appear as the featured image on the card in the Collections page.

Upload a Feature Photo to supplement the Cover Photo, providing further information about your collection.

Upload a Banner Photo as the background image, appearing in the Collections page.

Step 4: Set Royalty

Set fixed royalty percentages on your collection and earn a percentage on future sales. That means that every time an NFT from your collection is sold to a new owner, the underlying smart contract will automatically deduct the creator/recipient royalty from the sales proceeds and transfer them to the creator’s/recipient's wallet. This allows for potentially perpetual residual income for the original creator, and in the future, we will open this to multiple nominated recipients.

Step 4: Create NFTs

No collection is complete without it's first NFT item in it.

Create an NFT for this collection to build up a sale event.

For more information refer to: How do I create and NFT?

That's it. You've now created your first collection! πŸ˜ƒ

Step 5: List for Sale

Your NFTs will be minted when you list a sale.

For more information refer to: Mint and list your collection for sale.

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