Mint and list an NFT Collection for sale

As a creator, learn how to mint and list your first collection for sale.
Before you can begin minting and listing your collection, you'll need to create your NFT Collection.
For more information refer to: How do I create a collection? and How do I create an NFT?​
To mint and list your new collection, follow the steps below:

List for Sale

After successfully creating NFTs within your collection, you will be presented with the List for Sale option in the Creator Launchpad process.
List for Sale

Sale Event Start

Enter a sale activation date and time that you would like your collection to be available for sale on Dropspot. You also have the option to schedule a future sales activation date and time.
Good to know: When scheduling a collection for a future sales activation date, your Collection will still be visible on Dropspot, just not live to purchase yet. Further, we recommend scheduling a future sales activation date as this will enable you to promote your collection through your social channels leading up to the sale event.

Proceeds from Sale

Your proceeds from the sale can be received into your connected wallet or a new nominated wallet address. Select 'Use linked wallet' if you wish to receive proceeds into your connected wallet, or enter a new wallet address and select 'Confirm Address'.
Good to know: The 'Confirm Address' validates the wallet address.


Sharing Proceeds from Sale

You have the option to share your sale proceeds with a group of people, entirely on the blockchain. For example, a co-creator or even a charity.
Good to know: Currently we only allow one additional revenue distribution. We will be adding multiple revenue distributions in the future.
Select 'Add Split' and enter their details, including the percentage allocation and a valid wallet address.

Mint and List for Sale

Once you have successfully entered your sale activation date, confirmed your wallet address, and optionally elected to share any of your proceeds, you can progress to minting and listing your collection for sale on Dropspot.
Note: It is important to note that once your collection is minted on the blockchain, most data relating to your NFT Collection can not be updated. Therefore, it is important to review your Collection and NFT details and make any necessary changes prior to initiating the mint and list process.
Select 'List for Sale' and please confirm the sale event details, number of NFT's to be minted and the total sales value of the collection. Once you are happy, please select 'List Collection' to initiate the minting and listing of the collection.
Once the minting and listing process successfully completes you will be presented with completed processes (as seen below) and the Cardano policy and transaction link for your NFT Collection.
That's it! You have now successfully minted and listed your first NFT Collection on Dropspot.
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