How do I manage and view my notifications?

Learn how to set up, view and manage your notifications.

Notifications can alert you to specific events that occur in Dropspot. You can personalise the alerts you wish to receive and also specify how you would like to receive these.

Personalise Your Notifications

You can set up and change your notifications at any point time.

From your account profile, select Settings.


Good to Know: Upon initial setup of your account, you will be prompted to setup your notification channels and events. <image>

You can also change your Notification Preferences at any time by selecting the gear icon within the Notifications menu <image>

On the top left side, select Notifications and personalise according to your preferences.


Currently you can change notification preferences for:

Notification Channels:

  • Browser Notifications

  • Discord Notifications

  • Twitter Notifications

Notification Events:

  • Sold items

  • Listed for Sale items

  • Delisted items

  • Offers

Good to Know: You will need to connect to your Twitter or Discord Accounts if you wish to enable these channels for notification receipt.

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